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Amazing Health Benefits of Apples

Impressive Health Benefits of Apples

Amazing Health Benefits of Apples

Have you ever wondered about the impressive health benefits of apples? It is true that they are packed with tons of nutrients and anti-oxidants which can give you tons of good things for your health. It has been proved time and again that green apples have more anti-oxidants than the red ones. But, are you aware of the amazing effects of antioxidants when it comes to preventing cancer?

Let us first start with apples which are highly nutritious. You might have heard that apples are high in antioxidants. And that is true. The reason why apples are so healthy for you is because of the anti-oxidants which are present in apples. These anti-oxidants are also highly helpful in lowering cholesterol as well as maintaining better heart health.

A recent study links consuming apples with lower cholesterol. In fact, one study says that eating at least two servings of apples per day will help lower cholesterol. There are other studies which claim that eating an apple after every meal can help prevent atherosclerosis. Another study linked eating apples with lower risks of heart disease. Again, another study links eating apples with lower risk of colon cancer.

Now, you might be wondering what they mean by health benefits. The most notable health benefits of apples are that they provide you with a lot of calories without you having to worry about gaining weight. This means that you will not gain even one gram of extra body fat! That is great news since most people believe that food rich in calories will make them gain more body fat! Therefore, if you have less body fat, you will have more energy to enjoy other great health benefits of apples.

Aside from their excellent nutritional content, another of the impressive health benefits of apples is that they contain natural fiber. Apple pectin has fiber and that is one reason why they are called super foods. They can also reduce your risk of cancer because they contain an antioxidant which protects the body from cell damage. Another of the health benefits of apples is that they are a source of resistant iron. Iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin which transports oxygen to different parts of the body.

Now, you are probably wondering how eating an apple can make you feel healthier. The answer is simple: it helps your heart healthier! The apple contains a chemical called amylase which dissolves the plaque on artery walls. Another of the amazing health benefits of apples is that they reduce bad cholesterol levels. They also lower cholesterol levels in your blood and prevent clots from building up in your arteries. Now that you know why you should eat these fruits, start eating them regularly and keep them handy at all times.

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