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Low Calorie Bread Replacements – Vegetables Make Great Low Calorie Foods!

veggies make great low calorie bread substitutes

Low Calorie Bread Replacements – Vegetables Make Great Low Calorie Foods!

Did you know that veggies make great low calorie bread substitutes? Many of us lead busy lives and it is difficult to find time to make healthy meals. When it comes to snacks, it can be easy to grab a bag of chips or a candy bar instead of making your own wheat bread. If you substitute your chips or candy for vegetables, it can be just as easy to stay on track with your diet and lose weight! Here are some great ways to incorporate vegetables into your everyday eating plans.

Snacks such as cookies, crackers, or fruit bars are a great way to get lots of vitamins and fiber into your diet without eating tons of calories. If you plan to snack between meals, it is best to choose snacks that are high in fiber like vegetables. You can also choose to make a fruit salad after dinner or snack on nuts or seeds instead of bread. Another option is to snack on pretzels or nuts between meals. Make sure that your snacks are not high in calorie like chocolate chip cookies or other similar snacks because they will end up as fat.

Instead of using pretzels or nuts to snack on, why not instead snack on carrot sticks? Carrot sticks are low calorie, have a little bit of health benefits, and are easy to store. You can replace carrots in your low calorie bread making plan with other fruits like apple, celery, cherry, or grape. These fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals. They are also very low in calories making them great low calorie bread substitutes.

One important thing to remember when you snack is that it is important to balance your snack between carbohydrates, protein, and unsaturated fats. Carbs provide the bulk of your calories while unsaturated fats supply your body with the energy it needs to work. When choosing bread substitutes, try to choose the highest fiber form of bread possible. This will ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need from each and every bite of bread.

If you enjoy salads, you will find that your favorite low calorie bread contains legumes. Try adding some black beans or chickpeas to your bread. For a delicious treat, dip your bread in a yogurt-like cream cheese spread and eat it. Your body will get the protein it needs while still staying low calorie!

With just a few simple changes, veggies can be your new best friend when it comes to your diet. By incorporating more vegetables into your low calorie diet, you can get more of the vitamins and minerals you need without worrying about gaining weight! Make healthy snacks like low calorie bread a part of your regular diet routine for maximum results.

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